Friday, August 17, 2007

U.S. History in a Global Perspective

Prof. Thomas Bender's book A Nation Among Nations: The United States in World History intelligently and helpfully discusses U.S. history from a broad perspective. I got to hear Bender give one of the plenary addresses at the 2006 World History Association Conference in Long Beach. Bender's perspective is worthy of discussion and necessary in classroom application. Feel free to share opinions and ideas on his work.

Some of my favorite quotes from the book come from the Introduction.

1. "If historians want to educate students and the public as true citizens, they must think more profoundly about the way they frame national histories…in ways that reveal commonalities and interconnections..."

2. "If we begin to think about American history as a local instance of a general history, as one history among others, not only will historical knowledge be improved, but the cultural foundations of a needed cosmopolitanism will be enhanced.”

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