Friday, February 1, 2008

Black History Month 1.0

On this, the opening day of Black History Month, let us reflect on this month's history.

Read about Carter G. Woodson, and the origins of commemoration and recollection. Here are some more links to Woodson sites: his home, his papers, his legacy.

And check out some biographies here.

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Nikolas said...

Seems like Mr. Woodson amongst other people left a large mark upon our memories and the way the current day societs views black people with the introduction of Black History Month and just the overall idea of recording a certain people group's influence upon society. What I really wonder about though is why such a thing is neccesary because in all honesty it's the people who do great things but do not desire the reconition or to be remembered by others seem to be the most well remembered. I know there were good intentions behind such a development but tell me does every man before he passes away need to announce his exsistance before he goes silent forever? I think that to record the history of your people is great but to a certain extent because before you know it people of all ethnicities and from all countries will desire something like this also which I respect but I still find it not necessary.