Monday, February 25, 2008

World War 2

Visit this site to read and answer questions about "Helen L." and go here to analyze the paintings of Jan Komski.

As a reminder, this assignment is due on Wednesday in class.

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Nikolas said...

To start this assortment of WWII paintings is quite horrible. The various renditions of the prisoners who were starving to death coupled with the execution wall and the corpse squad really makes me wonder how these people were able to numb themselves to what their conscience was saying to them. Hatred can temporarily blind a man to his actions but in the execution wall illustration one individual was pointed out to have killed possibly 20,000 men, women and children. Only a satist or a sociopath could not feel any remorse for killing so many people and tearing apart families and being responsible for ending so many innocent lives. The paintings were created to show the true horror of man and what his is capable of when he has complete control over another man's life.