Friday, November 23, 2007

In the News

Starting today, Houston priest and Archbishop Daniel DiNardo becomes a cardinal.

See a KHOU newstory here, his Houston-Galveston Archdiocese bio here, newstories from Pittsburgh, the priest's old stomping grounds (read here also).

Finally, Houston Chronicle religion reporter Tara Dooley blogs about DiNardo here, and writes about DiNardo here.

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Anonymous said...

highly revered, father dan seems to be much deserving of the role as houston and galveston's cardinal. But what interested me most was when his twin sister was asked whether she thought he will become the pope one day. she answered confidently with a yes but nevertheless her response was biased. he is after all her own brother so of course she will answer accordingly; but just imagining that a cardinal and archbishop from the houston area could possibly become the pope of the roman catholic religion is very inspirational.
claire b

Phil said...

It is an interesting development; no doubt about it, and certainly puts Houston on the world religious map in another way--one could say Joel Osteen is also an emerging global religious figure.

Also, with most of the world's Christians hailing from the global South--Latin America, Africa, and Asia--one expects to see a pope from one of these regions, or one with ties to one of the regions, in the future.

Paige said...

How interesting! That's pretty big news! Yes, Mr. S, I'd have to agree with you. This event certainly puts Houston on the Global Religious map. Some interesting research on DiNardo's goals in the church, now as a cardinal, might give some insight to his qualifications for Popeship (if that's what you call it!)

Anonymous said...

I was confirmed by this guy last year

Anonymous said...

this is really cool, how local he is! this definately puts us on the religious map! what an honor to become a cardinal. it was nice to hear that interview with his twin. to see that he was dedicated from childhood makes me root for him! im glad for him and more power to him for becoming a cardinal!!- J.Graves

Anonymous said...

It's cool to have somebody from Houston representing the world. Catholicism is a major religion in the world and he has put Houston on the map.

Anonymous said...

I think it is great that someone from Texas is a cardinal. I'm glad he can represent Texas in a positive way. He seems like an understanding down to earth guy, and I think many of us can relate to him.

-logan h