Friday, November 16, 2007

A Journey with History: The Road to the Civil War

Read the textbook pages associated with the following events, items, and developments, and in your own words discuss the significance of each and how each related to the Civil War.

Bring your answers to class on Monday, as I will collect this assignment.

Wilmont Proviso 1846 (pp. 388-91)

Election of 1848 (pp. 390-92)

Compromise of 1850 (pp. 397-401)

Fugitive Slave Law 1850 (pp. 395-96)

Uncle Tom’s Cabin 1852 (pp. 409-411)

Election of 1852 (p. 401)

Ostend Manifesto 1854 (pp. 403-04)

Kansas-Nebraska Act 1854 (pp. 406-07)

Election of 1856 (pp. 415-17)

Dred Scott v. Sanford 1857 (pp. 417-18)

Lincoln—Douglass debates (pp. 421-22)

John Brown’s Raid 1859 (pp. 422-24)

Election of 1860 (pp. 427-28)


Anonymous said...

John Brown was a crazy and passionate man. He led raids and rebellions. He stood up for what he believed in but not in always the right ways. He should have been a little more peaceful.

Anonymous said...

I agree with josiah, i mean to have that much passion and hate towards people who were pro-slavery, that he would go on raids and even kill some of them to get your point across, he must have quite an obsession with his cause, and for that you have to admire him for giving the "pro-slavist" what they deserved.

-logan h