Saturday, November 10, 2007

Podcasting the Past

Here's a link to Friday's podcast, and you can find the lecture outline below. Remember, it may take a minute for the podcast to download, and don't forget that your writing assignment is due Monday 11/12.

I. Review of 19th century
a. transatlantic slave trade
b. Periodization
c. European countries involved
d. Middle Passage
e. Americas destinations (Brazil, Caribbean, North America)
f. Slavery in 19th century U.S. tied to labor, capitalism, sugar, cotton, rice, tobacco

II. Setting the Context
a. Lincoln’s Second Inaugural

III. Christianity in Antebellum America
a. revival and reform
b. racial categories informed cultural understanding, customs, traditions
c. white Christianity
d. black Christianity

IV. How did white Christians understand Christianity, slavery, and the Bible, and how did black Christians understand Christianity, slavery, and the Bible? Compare and contrast.
a. biographies of Douglass, Walker, Dew
b. discussion of life experiences, documents, document analysis

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Anonymous said...

I must admit that at first I was skeptical of how useful this whole podcast thing would prove to be, but just having heard it, I feel like I didnt miss a lot in class on friday. It works just fine and really helps stay caught up, so i really like the whole idea of posting pod casts. :)

Phil said...

Glad you found it helpful. And a question: what about podcasting would make you skeptical of its usefulness? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

hearing your voice but not seeing you was startling at first, but after thinking about it i realized how many different uses this could serve. Although apple computers have ichat, this could also be used to communicate to someone who does not have access to a phone. I also thought it would be cool if you sent out an invitation to a party or event through a podcast.
-claire b

Paige said...

Hey Mr. S! I'm really very glad with the way the podcast worked itself out on Friday. Hope to see more of those in the future! Listening to the content and being able to REWIND was most helpful!

Anonymous said...

I thought the podcast worked. In class it was super hard to hear and take notes though. It REALLY worked for me when I relistened to it Sunday Night and I cold pause it and take notes. I definately gave me a better understanding of the chapter. GREAT IDEA!

-Jennifer Gurney

Anonymous said...

the podcast went pretty good. I liked to hear your teaching even though you weren't here. I was also appalled to hear about what happened on the middle passage with the slaves and how the masters would cram them in the same place for weeks.

Anonymous said...

I think the idea of podcasting has proven to help a variety of people learn and understand, I'm glad you did this because now we can constantly here your opinions on certain subjects without even being in the classroom. Great idea.

-logan h