Tuesday, April 15, 2008

JFK Assassination

To supplement our brief discussion of JFK and the 1960s, I want to draw your attention to several notable websites that deal with the assassination. There is a stock industry of books related to the assassination, as well as tons of movies and documentaries.

John McAdams has one of the most extensive sites on the event, and follow this link to find what is available from the National Archives.

Here's another site with multiple resources and another with various angles of analysis. Check out some audio, video, and visual resources surrounding the assassination, as well as another intersting site here.

Here are some of the autopsy photos I mentioned in class, and here's a whole collection of websites with material to keep you busy reading over the summer.

There are of course many YouTube video clips available on the subject, and here's the brief clip we watched in class.

So, what do you think?

[Photo credits here and here.]


Nikolas said...

I was not here yesterday to see this film but I have heard various takes on the JFK Assassination and the various ideas such as the shooter on the grassy knoll. I believe we will never hear the truth of what happened because simply put we as average Americans do not know all the things going on behind the scenes and if we did know every little thing going on behind the scenes I am sure we as a country would be in a constant state of panic or fear.

Anonymous said...

Jason says that this post was very intersting and i very much enjoyed it very much!!!!!!

- Jason S.-