Friday, April 4, 2008

New Martin Luther King Documentary, Sunday @ 7 p.m.

Students, a new MLK documentary will premiere on Sunday evening at 7. If you get a chance to watch any of it, take an opportunity to do so and leave your comments.

The documentary's website is here. And check out this musical meditation on Martin.


Nikolas said...

Well I just listened to the music compilation and I must say it is a powerful video. I think the song choice is bery appropriate considering the fact that Dr. King used the approach that with peaceful protest and love towards his fellow man he could help change the world. I really respect this method of thinking but at the same time I feel a bit of saddness from it as well. Because today some of our politicians still shows signs of bitterness or anger about things such as racisim. I will admit that it will always be present but when people use it in frivilous manners or in miserble attempts at making a point. I wish the world could just bury this painful past and live in harmony with one another but I do realize that such an act is simply not in man's nature. We as human beings thrive off of strife and conflict and can't seem to ever quite enjoy peace to its fullest. I will watch the documentary and post my comments on it later this evening.

Anonymous said...

i thought that the music video was really moving with the clips of MLK's speeches, the last lines of it about moving forward really stuck out, how not being able to fly then run ,and not being able to run, walk, and not walking then crawling, i thought it really showed his desire for them to be free and to keep moving forward with this movement.
Chris duncan

Nikolas said...

Well the documentary is wrapping up now so I can say that this is a well made documentary but in class we have watched so many of them it really didn't seem like I got much new information it was interesting none the less.