Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Malcolm X

Today's discussion centered on Malcolm X, his significance in the Civil Rights Movement, and the how his points of view changed over time. You may also want to listen to a Malcolm X address from December 1964--the same month King delivered his Nobel Prize speech--and read more about Spike Lee's 1992 movie Malcolm X.

Although we didn't discuss it in class, an important book on the subject is theologian James Cone's Martin & Malcolm: A Dream or a Nightmare (1992). Read an interview with Cone in which he discusses the book.

Equally important is Manning Marable's forthcoming biography of Malcolm X. Marable is involved in the Malcolm X Project at Columbia, and has talked about this work in several places. Check it out here and here.

Other primary materials include some of the FBI files on Malcolm X. Read Ossie Davis's eulogy for Malcolm X here and watch a video here.

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Nikolas said...

Well these websites are great for information and I will say that I learned a great deal about Malcolm X today. The Malcolm X project is great for the essays tommorow and I'm glad I got some more insight into who and what Malcolm X was and what he did. I still will be using a different topic but this is a good alternitive.